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The Scientists
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Loot Council

For Science currently uses a Loot Council to distribute loot. Being a 10 man raiding guild, there is not a lot of competition for loot and we feel loot should be distributed where it will most help the guild. Our guild members are encouraged to talk among each other about what loot they want and pass on upgrades to other members. We highly discourage "whoring" loot. Everyone wants gear and we try to make sure it is spread around evenly as well as where it will most benefit the guild for progression.

Interest in loot is shown with simple rolls with the in game random number generator. Players may show interest in main spec or off spec with the following rolls:

  • /roll 1-1 Main Spec
  • /roll 2-2 Off Spec

After rolls are done, loot will be distributed at the council's discretion.
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