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Real Name (first):David
Location/Timezone:St.Louis MO (Central US/Canada)
Character Name:CrÜsty
Character Race:Orc
Character Class:Hunter
Willingness to talk on Ventilo:Yes
Level 85 Alts (Name/Class):RÜsty - Holy Paladin/DÜsty - Arcane Mage
Link to Armory (Please log out in your PvE gear):

< Questions>
Why do you want to join For Science, and who, if anyone, do you currently know in the guild?:
I want to join For Science because since I've been on Twisting Nether especially in Cataclysm I noticed that you all were dedicated raiders. What I look for in a raiding guild is a very friendly social raid experience and it seems that you are some of the best at it on my server and I'm done transferring my characters from my favorite server just to go to a guild that breaks up after a month and I'm forced to spend alot of money moving my characters or forced into quitting the game all together. (I've had this happen at least 4 times and 2 of the 4 I actually quit the game. Oddly enough it usually happens towards the end of expansions which is why I'm missing ICC and DS across my account, at least with DS I'm told I didn't miss much!) For Science has been around long enough for me to believe that you all like where you are at and want to remain where you're at. Which is exactly what I want to do! As for people I know in the guild, I'm sure I know at least a few people in For Science, but unfortunately name changes and server xfers on top of my account being hacked between Cata and MoP, I've lost contact with most of the people I was close too on Twisting Nether.

What is your availablility for raiding? (In relation to For Science's Raid Schedule of Sun, Mon, Wed7:00-10:00 CST):
Well as of right now I'm not working. Inherited some money and since I've been working since I was 16 I figured this my opportunity to sit on my ass for a while. So no matter what the schedule is I can work around it!

Do you have a stable internet connection and computer?:
I have 30meg internet with an Alienware desktop, and an Asus laptop that is built for gaming, so even if I have to go outta town for some reason I can still make my raid times if needed!

What were your previous guild(s) and why did you leave them? (Please include server if you are a transfer):
First let me start by saying.... Yes, as far as raiding goes.. I'm a wrath baby.. I didn't play classic because I'm lame and BC was mostly leveling characters to 40 - 50 then starting a new one. I had no idea what waited for me at max level until wrath and at that point I thought I was gonna be pvp with an hpally because that's what I was good at. Until guys like Fislayer/Tgager/Mukia/ and Wicket introduced me to raiding. I fell in love immediately after I realized that no matter how much gear any of the hpally's I would heal with I would out heal them all day. After getting bored of healing however I moved on to my hunter which I've decided to make my main in MoP.. I'm am also willing to transfer my hpally back to TN and healing if needed. On to my guilds..(the important ones at least)

(Twisting Nether) - Acumen(Wrath)/Sedition(early Cata)/Irae(most of Cata until it collapsed which helped me make my decision to xfer to Dunemaul)
(Dunemaul) - Big Fish (#2 guild on the server recruited my hpally for heroic firelands which we cleared up to heroic rag and we all know how much of a bitch that was right?)
I am in Massive Dynamic now but I don't really associate with any of them I kinda work in the background and use the perks of having a level 25 guild to do as much as I possibly can without raiding or even grouping for that matter.. Not that I wouldn't love to raid with these guys but.. it doesn't seem like they raid too often or arn't trying to progress as much as other raiding guilds, nor do they request me to go with them. Every piece of gear on my character is a result of my own time and effort!

<What is your previous experience of end game content? (Include lvl 60, lvl 70 BC, WOTLK content, and current Cata)>
--Classic WoW (@ level 60 Only)--
NAXX40:I wish but... none :(

--BC (@ Level 70 Only)--
Sunwell:None... thank god!

--Wotlk 10 Man--
Malygos:None, idk why but at the time I just kinda could skip out on that one.. Even in serious guilds this one seemed to be avoided mostly! wonder why lol.
OS:3 drake cleared!
Ulduar Normal:cleared
Ulduar Hardmodes:mostly cleared, finished it off in 25 man
ToC 10 Normal:cleared
ToC 10 Heroic:I believe I beat everything but Anub when this was the end game. Acumen did both 10/25 man at the time
ICC 10 Normal:Cleared during Cata. At the time ICC was end game I had quit do to a busy working schedule and simply not wanting to deal with guilds breaking up or server transfers!
ICC 10 Heroic:Cleared during Cata
RS 10 Normal:none
RS 10 Heroic:none

--Wotlk 25 Man--
Malygos:None (see 10 man)
OS:Cleared! If my memory is correct I believe I cleared 3 drake.
Ulduar Normal:Cleared
Ulduar Hardmodes:Cleared
ToC 25 Normal:5/5
ToC 25 Heroic:4/5
ICC 25 Normal:Cleared during Cata
ICC 25 Heroic:Cleared during Cata
RS 25 Normal:None
RS 25 Heroic:None

-- Cataclysm -- (specify 10/25)
During Cataclysm until i xferred to Dunemaul I was mostly doing 10 mans.
BoT:10 - Cleared
BWD:10 - Cleared
Tot4W:10 - Cleared


Dragon Soul:None (Same situation as ICC. Sometimes shit gets real and you either no longer have time or you just are done dealing with dumbasses... This time however it was a guild I helped run that forced me to xfer.. While on dunemaul Big Fish guild transferred to another server and I was more than happy to xfer back to Twisting Nether!

--Cataclysm Heroic--
BoT:10 - Cleared up to Sinestra
BWD:10 - Cleared up to Nef :/
Tot4W:10 - I believe I did this.. Not completely sure atm but if i didn't then Firelands came out in time for me to not care lol.

Firelands:10 - 6/7 25 - 6/7 cleared and believe it or not was the funnest raiding experience I've ever had.

Dragon Soul:None (see 10 man)

What is your spec, why, and are you willing to respec if needed?:
I am a Beast Mastery Hunter! I play BM because I like the exotic pet part but it also fits my play style better. So far my research has told me that BM is the top dps for hunters.. I could be wrong and I'm very open to people giving me advice on this topic!

End game content requires a lot of consumables (Potions, Flasks, Food, etc), are you willing to farm these on your own, and be raid ready?: Always have always will. Not only do I farm my own raid supplies but I am willing to level my alts up to farm up flasks or gems for guildies at a discounted price!

Will you be able to take Constructive Criticism from the guild members that are/aren't your class?:
Yes, I personally look at criticism as a way to better yourself. I mean obviously if what you're saying makes no sense then I may have to debate with you until either of us reach a point of agreement but if your Ideas are logical and intelligently thought out I will always be willing to listen and learn!

Links to relevant WWS or WMO parses that showcase your talent:
I'm gonna be honest. Idk what those abbreviations are but if you would like to see my talent I can always run an LFR or even a 10 man with alts if you want me to show you what I can do before making your decision. I feel like I'm good at the game and some of the best players I know have told me the same whether it be raids/rbgs/or arena. I've never been told I suck if that helps lol. But I will admit I feel much more talented in the healing department simply because I tanked Naxx in wrath and then after I built a healing set that was no where near where it should have been to be doing some of the raids I would do, my ex guild leader told me I gotta stay heals because my healing meters in wrath were unreal for the gear I had, mostly because of my pvp background with my holy pally I think. So somewhere down the line I eventually plan on playing my pally again. especially if he was needed in a raiding situation. But no matter what role I play in the raid I stay aware of my surroundings. I prepare for raids the best way possible. I study fights over and over before attempting them and I listen to the leaders of the raid. I've played all roles in raids, I know all of my characters inside and out, and I've even lead raids in each role and never really had a moment where I caused a full scale raid wipe!

That's my application. Thanks for taking the time to read it. You have my real id! If there is anything I left out that you want to know feel free to contact me in game or through email!
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btw.. the alt code in my name is (alt+0220)
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