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[Pinned] Application

[Pinned] Application

CLICK "ADD THREAD" IN THE RECRUITMENT SECTION AND COPY AND PASTE THIS APPLICATION INTO A NEW THREAD THAT YOU MADE THERESubject of the application needs to be - Name then Class -- Example: Grammatis - Protection WarriorApplication will automatica...
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CrÜsty - BM Hunter

Real Name (first):DavidAge:20Location/Timezone:St.Louis MO (Central US/Canada)Email:Davidam92@hotmail.comCharacter Name:CrÜstyCharacter Race:OrcCharacter Class:HunterProfessions:Skinning/LeatherworkingMicrophone:YesWillingness to talk on Ventilo:Y...
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Dáthirun- Affliction warlock.

Real Name (first): JordanAge: 21Location/Timezone: Atlantic Standard time.Email: saulnierj@hotmail.comCharacter Name: DáthirunCharacter Race: TrollCharacter Class: WarlockProfessions: Tailoring/EnchantingMicrophone: YesWillingness to talk on Venti...
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Aviditas - Mistweaver Monk

Real Name (first): Kristopher (Kris)Age: 22Location/Timezone: CentralEmail: kris19d@gmail.comCharacter Name: AviditasCharacter Race: PandarenCharacter Class: MonkProfessions: Blacksmith/JewelcrafterMicrophone: Razor brandWillingness to talk on Ven...
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General Discussion

you guys are scary

but good job!!!
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Varyrre - Holy Priest

Real Name (first): BryanAge: 34Location/Timezone: VA, US (EST)Email: loops@spacecadets.orgCharacter Name: Varyrre ("Vary" in vent/chat)Character Race: GoblinCharacter Class: PriestProfessions: Alch/HerbMicrophone: YesWillingness to talk on Venti...
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Garonaha - Protection Warrior

Real Name (first): ChrisAge: 19Location/Timezone: Central FloridaEmail: spaceninja524@gmailCharacter Name: GaronahaCharacter Race: TaurenCharacter Class: Protection WarriorProfessions: Engineering and MinningMicrophone: YesWillingness to talk on V...
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Normal Vaults down the first week

Great job guys on getting 6/6 - glad we did it the first week, so we can put our efforts into heroics.
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Xyliene - Frost DK

Real Name (first): AidanAge: 21Location/Timezone: CSTEmail: alorsba@gmail.comCharacter Name: XylieneCharacter Race: HumanCharacter Class: DeathknightProfessions: Mining / EngineeringMicrophone: YesWillingness to talk on Ventilo: YesLevel 85 Alts (...
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Bunnehchan - Affliction Warlock

Real Name (first): ChristopherAge: 23Location/Timezone: Rochester, NY (EST)Email: Would rather not say publicly.Character Name: BunnehchanCharacter Race: Blood ElfCharacter Class: WarlockProfessions: Enchanting and TailoringMicrophone: Yes, deskto...
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Open Recruitment for Mists of Pandaria!Looking for any exceptional players.People willing to be at the head of the pack for leveling and grinding!
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So - I'd like to state that there will be no screenshot for spine, as i've ripped my hands off so that i never have to tank this again....thank you, good job guys - and good luck on madness while i pound at my keyboard with my nubs.
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Heroic Warmaster

6/8 Heroic
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Heroic Hagara

Good shit guys - 5/8 Heroic
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Heroic Ultraxion

Great job getting 2 progression bosses down this week guys, Ultraxion server first gives us server 1st overall....Lets enjoy our 15 mins of fame.
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Heroic Yor'sahj

Heroic Yor'sahj - Server 1st great job everyone!
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Heroic Warlord Dead!

Warlord goes down - even after a childish situation - we get it, GET FUCKED!
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Heroic Morchok

Nice guys - first night - first heroic!
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Deathwing down - onto heroics!

Grats guys - good job on the kill - only took us 5 attempts. lol we bad. Uploaded with
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